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What are the impediments of marriage?

List of diriment impediments to marriage
  • Age. If the man is under 16 years of age, or the woman is under 14 years of age, then their marriage is invalid.
  • Impotence (physical capacity for consummation lacking).
  • Prior bond.
  • Disparity of cult.
  • Sacred orders.
  • Public perpetual vow of chastity.
  • Abduction.
  • Crimen.

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Also asked, what are some of the impediments to a valid marriage?

Canon Law lists the following impedient impediments:" the simple vows of: virginity, perfect chastity, not marrying, entering Sacred Orders, or embracing the Religious state; relationship arising out of legal adoption in those countries where such relationship renders marriage unlawful but not invalid; difference in

what does defect of consent mean? A person's consent is invalid if it is given as a result of being deceived by fraud that (1) is intentionally inflicted in order to get that person to give consent, and (2) concerns some quality of the other party which of its very nature can seriously disturb the partnership of marriage.

Likewise, what is marriage according to canon law?

The three ends of marriage, according to Canon law are: first, the procreation of offspring; second, mutual consortiun; third, a remedy for concupiscence. The first end is common to man and animal. But according to Catholic doctrine, the sacrament of matrimony gives an added strength to attain these ends.

Who Cannot marry in the Catholic Church?

Canon 33 forbids clerics in the church—bishops, priests and deacons—from having sexual relations with their wives and from having children, though not from entering into marriage.

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