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What are the elements of product cost?

Product cost refers to the costs incurred to create a product. These costs include direct labor, direct materials, consumable production supplies, and factory overhead. Product cost can also be considered the cost of the labor required to deliver a service to a customer.

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Likewise, what are the elements of cost?

A cost is composed of three elements – Material, Labour and Expenses. Each of these three elements can be direct and indirect, i.e., direct materials and indirect materials, direct labour and indirect labour, direct expenses and indirect expenses.

One may also ask, how do you determine product cost?

  1. Product Cost Formula = Direct Labor + Direct Material + Factory Overheads.
  2. Factory OH = Indirect Labor + Indirect Material + Other Factory OH.
  3. Product Cost per Unit Formula = (Total Product Cost ) / Number of Units Produced.

In this regard, what are the three cost elements for a manufactured item?

In manufacturing companies, a product's cost is made up of three cost elements: direct material costs, direct labor costs, and manufacturing overhead costs.

What are the elements of cost sheet?

A Cost Sheet depicts the following facts: The various elements of cost such as prime cost, factory cost, production cost, cost of goods sold, total cost, etc. Percentage of every expenditure to the total cost. Compare the cost of any two periods and ascertain the inefficiencies if any.

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