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What are the elements of guidance?

ELEMENTS OF GUIDANCE ? It focus our attention on the individual and not the problem. ? Guidance leads to the discovery of abilities of an individual. ? Guidance is based upon the assets and limitations of an individual. ? Guidance leads to self- development and selfdirections.

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Keeping this in consideration, what are the basic components of guidance and Counselling?

The basic components of education counselling and prevention system are facilities of educational, psychological and special pedagogical counselling and prevention.

what is guidance Slideshare? 3. Arthur Jones “Guidance is a personal help that is designed to assist a person to go somewhere and do something”. 4. Emery Stoops “Guidance is the continuous process of helping individual to develop the maximum of his capacity in the direction of most beneficial to himself and to society”.

Correspondingly, what is Counselling and guidance?

Guidance and counseling is the process which helps the students to know their skills, interests, personality that will help students in further career selection. Guidance is the process in which person able to know their ability, interest, a capacity that will help in the encounter of problems faced by them.

What is development guidance?

The purpose of the guidance curriculum is to help students develop basic life skills. It is the foundation of a developmental guidance program. The developmental guidance curriculum has a scope and sequence for student competency development.

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