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What are the changes in ecosystem?

4.3 Important direct drivers include: habitat change, climate change, invasive species, overexploitation, and pollution. Habitat change occurs, for instance, when the area of land used for agriculture or cities is expanded.

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Thereof, what are some changes that can occur in ecosystems?

Some changes that can occur in ecosystems are seasons, tide cycles, population sizes, succession, evolution, landscape changes, and climate changes.

Subsequently, question is, how do organisms change an ecosystem? Humans cause changes when they build places to live, work, and go to school. Humans also change the environment when they grow food and make products. Pollution occurs when human processes release wastes that affect the land, air, or water. Chemicals and waste products can affect an ecosystem when they are released.

One may also ask, how does an ecosystem respond to change?

One way that some freshwater organisms respond to environmental change is to evolve rapidly. A marked change in the environment favors some characteristics of plants, animals and microbes over others. The shorter the generation time, the faster this evolutionary change can occur.

How do humans affect the ecosystem?

Humans can effect the ecosystem in a negative way ,by pollution, waste dumping, over hunting of animals,over fishing,industrial gases,energy use and not using biodegradable products.

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