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What are the best seats for Astros game?

The Best Seats for any Houston Astros game are located along the infield in section 112-126. The other field level section make for a nice alternative along the first and third baselines as well.

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In this way, what side do the Astros sit on?

The best alternative to home plate seating is seating on the third base side of the field. With the videoboard in right-center field, these sections have the most direct view of replays and game stats. Seats on the third base side are also the first to get shaded from the sun.

Also Know, who sits behind home plate at Astros games? Russell Westbrook

Beside this, where is the best place to sit at a baseball game?

THE RESULTS: The best place to sit at a Baseball game is… According to Sports Where I Am users, the best place to sit in baseball venues across the USA is along the third base line. This is followed by sitting behind the home plate area or along the first base line.

What are Astros power club seats?

The new Power Club (sections 233–236) in the Club Level offers tickets for $35 that includes a $15 credit for food, beverage and retail items. Those seats were $46 in 2011 with no food credit. The Outfield Deck tickets are now $5 for adults and $1 for kids ages 3–14 . In 2011, adult tickets were $7.

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