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What are the best pre lit Christmas trees?

Best pre-lit Christmas tree overall: Balsam Hill Classic Blue Spruce Pre-Lit LED Artificial Tree (7 Feet) Best narrow silhouette pre-lit Christmas tree: Puleo International Slim Fraser Fir Pre-Lit Artificial Tree (7.5 Feet)

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In respect to this, should you buy a pre lit Christmas tree?

In general, we recommend at least 100 lights per foot of the tree. For example, a 7.5 foot tree should have at least 750 lights. If you comparison shop, you will likely find that Balsam Hill™ has many more lights per foot than most other Christmas trees.

Beside above, where is the best place to buy fake Christmas trees? Best artificial Christmas trees

  • The Holiday Aisle 6.5-Foot Green Fir Tree with Colored & Clear Lights ($221.42, originally $574.99,
  • Best Choice Products 6-Foot Pine Tree Holiday Decoration w/ Metal Stand ($43.99,
  • 7-Foot North Valley Spruce Tree ($106.54, originally $137.99;

Beside this, do pre lit Christmas trees last?

5 Tips on Buying Pre-Lit Christmas Trees. Nothing truly beats a real tree. Having lights already pre-strung, being less of a fire hazard, and its longevity (lasts more than 1 season) are among the top reasons why I like artificial trees. We've had our existing “faux-fabulous” tree for the past 9 years.

How do pre lit Christmas trees work?

1. With the hinged branches folded up and tied with a ribbon, take the bottom section of the tree and place the pole into the tree stand. If you have a pre-lit tree, plug in the lights to make sure all the bulbs are working and evenly spaced. See "How to Light a Christmas Tree" section for a detailed guide.

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