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What are the advantages of participatory approach?

What are the advantages of a participatory planning approach? Participation carries with it feelings of ownership, and builds a strong base for the intervention in the community. If people are integral to the planning of a community intervention, then that intervention will be theirs.

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Keeping this in view, what is a participatory approach?

Participatory Approaches. Using participatory approaches in impact evaluation means involving stakeholders, particularly the participants in a programme or those affected by a given policy, in specific aspects of the evaluation process.

Likewise, what are the advantages of participatory planning? Participatory planning encourages the poor to be more responsible for, involved in and aware of their role in local governance. It can help reduce potential conflict and build local people's feeling of ownership in the government's plan.

Moreover, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the participatory approach to budgeting?

The advantages of their use can be maximized by using a participatory budgeting process. From our point of view, this participatory system also offers some disadvantages. Participatory budgeting requires a thorough bi-directional communication, mutual trust, commitment, time, effort and implies cost for the entity.

What are the advantages of participatory rural appraisal?

PRA can assist in forming better links between communities and the agencies and institutions concerned with rural development. This can benefit aquaculture workers by helping them with the monitoring of aquaculture development and environmental issues related to aquaculture.

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