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What are the 3 primary factors affecting the volcanoes eruptive style?

The style of eruption depends on a number of factors, including the magma chemistry and content, temperature, viscosity (how runny the magma is), volume and how much water and gas is in it, the presence of groundwater, and the plumbing of the volcano.

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Then, what are the primary factors affecting the volcanoes eruptive style?

Primary factors affecting the volcanoes' eruptive style: • Magma's temperature The higher the temperature of magma is, the lower is its viscosity. Chemical composition Magmas with high silica content are more viscous than those with low silica content.

Secondly, what are the factors that may affect volcanic eruption? The two main factors that influence how a volcano will erupt are viscosity and gas content. Both are related to the composition of the magma . Hawaiian volcanoes tend to erupt basalt , which is low in viscosity and low in gas content (about 0.5 weight percent).

Correspondingly, what are three main components that affect volcanic eruptions?

The energy and characteristics of a Plinian eruption depends on many factors, among which gas content of the magma, exit pressure, viscosity, vent radius and shape, and volume of magma erupted are especially important.

What are the types of volcano according to eruption?

There are two predominant types of volcanic eruptions: Effusive eruptions – magma rises through the surface and flows out of the volcano as a viscous liquid called lava. Explosive eruptions – magma is torn apart as it rises and reaches the surface in pieces known as pyroclasts.

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