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What are tapes on blinds?

Tapes are strips of cotton attached to your wooden blind. They are positioned on top of the internal strings, running vertically down the blind. While their principal purpose is to operate the blind, tapes also hide the strings and provide a contrasting texture upon the wood.

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Also to know is, do venetian blinds look better with tapes?

Every wooden or faux wood Venetian blind on our site comes with or without the tapes, giving you the flexibility to choose. If you are looking to install these blinds in your bedroom then opting for tapes is one way to make the blinds feel a bit softer, especially if you have a larger window.

Additionally, why do venetian blinds have tapes? The tape on a wooden venetian blind is mainly decorative. It is a strip of fabric that runs down each side of the blind, forming part of the ladder that holds the slats. Many people enjoy tapes on a venetian blind because it covers the little holes in the slats that the cords of the laddering run through.

Also, can you add tape to blinds?

Adding Tapes in a softening fabric accent to horizontal wooden venetian blinds can add stunning results. We have 13 stunning colours in our range, adding class and elegance to your Wooden Venetian OR Fauxwood venetian window blind. Tapes available in 25mm and 38mm.

How do you get white tape off blinds?

Another method of spot cleaning decorative tapes is with cool distilled water and a clean white cloth. Hold the tape, supporting it, and gently blot the stained area of the fabric. Let the decorative tapes air dry. If the stain will not come out with just water, gentle fabric cleaner may be used as well.

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