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What are somites in anatomy?

Somites are transient structures that will give rise to cells of the vertebrae and ribs, dermis of the dorsum, skeletal muscle of the body wall, back and limbs. Somites begin to develop at the anterior of the embryo first, and appear at regular intervals.

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Also to know is, what are the somites?

The somites (outdated term: primitive segments) are a set of bilaterally paired blocks of paraxial mesoderm that form in the embryonic stage of somitogenesis, along the head-to-tail axis in segmented animals.

Additionally, what is the function of the somites? Somites are precursor populations of cells that give rise to important structures associated with the vertebrate body plan and will eventually differentiate into dermis, skeletal muscle, cartilage, tendons, and vertebrae.

Beside above, what is somites in biology?

Definition. noun, plural: somites. (1) (embryology) Any of the paired block-like segments of mesoderm, occurring dorsally, alongside the neural tube, and eventually gives rise to the dermis (dermatome region), spinal column (sclerotome region), or skeletal muscle (myotome region)

How many somites are there?

In humans 42-44 somite pairs 9 - 13 are formed along the neural tube. These range from the cranial region up to the embryo's tail. Several caudal somites disappear again, which is why only 35-37 somite pairs can be counted in the end.

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