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What are some of the benefits of integrating crops and livestock in one operation?

Sod crops high in legume content will also provide a source of nitrogen when those fields are returned to row crop production. 4) Livestock provide a use for crop residue and waste or cull vegetable crops. This can help reduce disease while providing a “cheap” source of feed for livestock.

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Also asked, what are the benefits of mixing crops and livestock?

Advantages of Mixed farming:

  • Farmers can keep their fields under continuous production.
  • It enhances the productivity of the farm land.
  • It increases the per capita profitability.
  • Both farmings compliment each other.
  • It enhances the productivity of the farmer also.
  • Reduce dependency on external inputs and costs.

Beside above, what are the benefits of livestock? Livestock is a source of energy providing draught animal power while manure improves soil structure and fertility as well as water retention. Both uses are environmentally friendly improving energy and nutrient cycling. Livestock is also used to transport agricultural inputs and outputs and people.

People also ask, what are the advantages of integrated fish farming?

ADVANTAGES OF INTEGRATED FISH FARMING It reduces the additional cost for supplementary feeding as well as fertilisation. It is an artificial balanced ecosystem where there is no waste. It provides more employment avenues. It reduces the input and increases output and economic efficiency.

What are integrated farming practices?

Integrated farming (also known as mixed farming) is a farming system with simultaneous activities involving crop and animal. The main purpose of integrated farming is so that the farming components support one another; hence, reducing external inputs.

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