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What are some key landforms in Panama?

The most dominant features of Panama are the forested, volcanic-in-origin, mountains that extend from its Costa Rican border to Colombia, South America. Significant ranges include the lengthy Central Mountains, as well as the San Blas, Talamanca and Tabasara.

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Likewise, what is the land like in Panama?

The Panamanian landscape is a mixture of forests and mountains, beaches and wetlands, plains and pastures. Within this small country exists a wide sampling of terrain — from the towering primary forests of the Darién to the sunny Pacific coast beaches - there is a little bit of everything in Panama.

Likewise, what mountains are in Panama? The larger of Panama's mountain ranges is the Cordillera Central in the western half of the country. This is where Panama's highest peak and only volcano – Volcán Barú – is located. Although dormant, this volcano measures an impressive 3,475 meters (11,400 ft.) tall.

Likewise, what is Panama most known for?

Panama is known as a transit country because of the Panama Canal. While the country is known for its famous canal, its natural attractions include birding, whitewater rafting, and snorkeling tours. Panama's biodiversity has been said to be three times higher than the United State, Canada and Europe combined.

What is the topography of Panama?

TOPOGRAPHY. Panama is a country of heavily forested hills and mountain ranges. The two principal ranges are in the eastern and western sections of the country, and a third, minor range extends southward along the Pacific coast into Colombia.

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