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What are some examples of transgenic plants and animals?

Transgenic trait Crops
Insect resistance Corn, Cotton, Potato, Tomato
Herbicide tolerance Corn, Soybean, Cotton, Canola, Sugarbeet, Rice, Flax
Virus resistance Papaya, Squash, Potato
Altered oil composition Canola, Soybean

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Considering this, what is an example of a transgenic plant?

Transgenic crops (e.g., cotton, rice, maize, potato, tomato, brinjal, cauliflowers, cabbage, etc.)

Beside above, what are transgenic plants and animals? Transgenic plants and animalsTransgenic plants are plants that have been genetically engineered, a breeding approach that uses recombinant DNA techniques to create plants with new characteristics. • A transgenic animal is one that carries a foreign gene that has been inserted into its genome.

Keeping this in consideration, what is an example of a transgenic animal?

Transgenic animals are those that have been genetically modified. Animals. such as: sheep, goats, pigs, cows, rabbits, rats, mice, fish, insects, parasites and even humans have previously been used in this modification process. Mice, however, are the most popularly tested animals in genetic modification studies.

What are transgenic plants explain with any two examples?

The plants which are genetically engineered to carry desirable traits like disease resistance, insect resistance, herbicide resistance are called as transgenic plants. a. Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is a soil bacterium that produces a protein with insecticidal property. Bt toxin proteins occur as inactive protoxin.

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