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What are some common compounds of radon?

Origin of Name From the Latin word nitens, meaning shining
Date and Place of Discovery In 1900 in Halle, Germany
Discovered by Friedrich Ernst Dorn
Common Compounds Radon fluoride (RnF)

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Besides, what are some compounds that are made from radon?

The element generally used was fluorine, the most active chemical element. The result was the formation of noble gas compounds. The first radon compound to be produced was radon fluoride (RnF).

Also, what are some common uses of radon? It is chemically inert, but radioactive. Radon decays into radioactive polonium and alpha particles. This emitted radiation made radon useful in cancer therapy. Radon was used in some hospitals to treat tumours by sealing the gas in minute tubes, and implanting these into the tumour, treating the disease in situ.

Keeping this in consideration, what are some chemical properties of radon?

Radon is colorless at standard temperature and pressure and it is the most dense gas known. At temperature below it's freezing point is has a brilliant yellow phosphorescence. It is chemically unreactive, it is highly radioactive and has a short half life.

What is the atomic mass for radon?


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