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What are SharePoint templates?

SharePoint site templates are prebuilt definitions designed around a particular business need. You can use these templates as they are to create your own SharePoint site, and then customize the site as much as you want. For more information, see Using templates to create different kinds of SharePoint sites.

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Also to know is, how do I create a template in SharePoint?

Open your SharePoint Online site. From the home page, click on New >> Page. On the next screen, select “Blank” template and click on “Create Page”. OR from Settings icon, click on "Add a Page".

Similarly, how do I use a SharePoint List template? Create a list in SharePoint Server 2016 or SharePoint Server 2013

  1. Click Settings. and then click Add an app.
  2. Type the type of list template you want (custom, task, calendar, etc.) into the search box, and click Search .
  3. Click the List template app you want use.
  4. Type in a Name (required).
  5. Click OK.

Similarly, where are SharePoint templates stored?

When a document or form library has a default file template, it is stored in the Forms folder of the library. Open the library in Windows Explorer to see the Forms folder, which contains the file template for the library. By default, a document library has a file template, called template.

What are the different types of SharePoint sites?

For SharePoint 2013 Foundation, only Team sites and Blogs are supported.

  • Modern team site. SharePoint Server 2019 offers modern team sites as subsites, but with no connection to an Office 365 Group.
  • Classic Team Site.
  • Blog site.
  • Project site.
  • Community site.

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