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What are rainbow bagels?

Rainbow bagels are making people lose their minds in Brooklyn. The Bagel Store has made these awesome multicolored bagels with Funfetti cream cheese for 20 years. The INSIDER team believes that life is an adventure!

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Thereof, what flavor is a rainbow bagel?

The Rainbow Bagel looks like it's made of Play-Doh, smells and tastes faintly of Fruity Pebbles, and has a not-quite-right chewy texture.

One may also ask, what is a unicorn bagel? Just try not to be hypnotized as the unicorn bagel dough is mixed, stretched, layered, sliced, twisted, rolled, boiled, baked until shiny, then stuffed with rainbow cream cheese.

Hereof, what's in a rainbow bagel?

Only made in small batches per day, the rainbow bagel is a wonderful mix of colors that you can get with many types of spreads: their famous Funfetti cream cheese, Nutella cream cheese, maple walnut cream cheese and even chipotle cream cheese.

Is an egg bagel healthy?

Because these bagels contain eggs, they are good sources of protein, iron and vitamins A and B12. Regular bagels have about half the amount of protein and iron as egg bagels and have zero vitamin A or B12.

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