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What are pre analytical errors?

The most commonly reported types of pre-analytical error are: a) missing sample and/or test request, b) wrong or missing identification, c) contamination from infusion route, d) haemolysed, clotted, and insufficient samples, e) inappropriate containers, f) inappropriate blood to anticoagulant ratio, and g)

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Similarly one may ask, what are analytical errors?

The two major causes of analytical errors are instrument malfunction and operator error. Some examples of analytical errors include equipment malfunction, procedures (i.e., standard operating procedures and assay instructions) not followed, undetected failure of quality control, sample mixups, and test interference.

Similarly, how are pre analytical errors prevented in the laboratory? “Other measures for avoiding preanalytical errors that have proven successful are: never accept an unlabelled sample. Never allow unlabelled or mislabeled samples to be relabeled, if recollection is feasible." "Document relabeling must be approved by an attending physician, with results footnoted.

Beside this, what does pre analytical mean?

preanalytical. Adjective. (comparative more preanalytical, superlative most preanalytical) Describing any procedure that takes place before an analysis. Describing any variable whose value can affect the outcome of a subsequent analysis.

What are common errors occur in laboratory?

Most common error in the collection of the samples and reporting are: Wrong labeling of the sample. The wrong sample of the different patients or not the proper identification of the patient. Wrong ratio of the blood and the anticoagulant.

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