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What are polymers in DT?

Polymerisation occurs when monomers join together to form long chains of molecules called polymers. Polymerisation comes from the word 'POLY' which means 'MANY' and 'MER' which means 'PART'. So Polystyrene means 'POLY' many single monomers of 'STYRENE', joined together to form a long chain.

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Then, what are thermoforming polymers?

ThermoformingThermoforming is a general term that refers to the process of transforming a plastic sheet into a 3-dimensional shape by using heat, vacuum, and pressure. Thermoplastics – Thermoplastics refers to a type of plastic made from polymer resins that become homogenized when heated.

Additionally, what are the properties of thermoforming polymers? Polymer Properties. Thermoforming involves stretching of rubbery solid plastic sheet. When force is applied to any material, it stretches or elongates. The amount that it stretches depends on the amount of force per unit area, or “stress,” applied to the sheet, the nature of the material and its temperature.

Correspondingly, what are polymers product design?

Most polymers are synthetic, meaning they are man-made and have been designed by chemical engineers . Different polymers are created all the time so that the demands of the consumer can be met. Polymers fall into two categories: thermosetting plastic or thermoset.

How do designer polymers work?

Polymers are usually disposed of by burying them in landfill sites or burning them in incinerators. These methods of disposal cause environmental problems, and waste valuable resources. The properties of polymers depend on the structure and bonding found in their molecules.

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