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What are octal permissions in Linux?

Octal notation is a numerical system for modifying the permissions on Linux, Mac and other Unix like file systems. Each octal permission can be represented by 3 or 4 numbers; where each of these numbers is an "octal", meaning they range from 0-7.

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Correspondingly, what is the octal value for the permission?


Octal Digit Binary Representation (rwx) Permission
1 001 execute only
2 010 write only
3 011 write and execute
4 100 read only

Similarly, what are 644 permissions? 644 means that files are readable and writeable by the owner of the file and readable by users in the group owner of that file and readable by everyone else. 755 is the same thing, it just has the execute bit set for everyone. The execute bit is needed to be able to change into the directory.

Consequently, what are Linux file permissions?

File Permissions On a Linux system, each file and directory is assigned access rights for the owner of the file, the members of a group of related users, and everybody else. Rights can be assigned to read a file, to write a file, and to execute a file (i.e., run the file as a program).

What is the meaning of chmod 777?

In short, “chmod 777means making the file readable, writable and executable by everyone. chmod 775 /path/to/file. Hopefully, this article can help you understand better about the file permissions in Unix system and the origin of the magical number “777”.

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