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What are interfaces in C#?

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Just so, wHAT IS interface in C# example?

Interfaces summary An interface is like an abstract base class with only abstract members. Any class or struct that implements the interface must implement all its members. An interface can't be instantiated directly. Its members are implemented by any class or struct that implements the interface.

One may also ask, how do interfaces work in C#? In C#, a class or a struct can implement one or more interfaces. In C#, an interface can be defined using the interface keyword. Interfaces can contain methods, properties, indexers, and events as members. Consider the following IPen interface that declares some basic functionality for a pen.

Just so, why do we need interfaces in C#?

An interface looks like a class, but has no implementation. -The reason interfaces only provide declarations is because they are inherited by classes and structs , which must provide an implementation for each interface member declared. Interfaces in C# are provided as a replacement of multiple inheritance.

What is an interface?

An interface is a reference type in Java. It is similar to class. It is a collection of abstract methods. A class implements an interface, thereby inheriting the abstract methods of the interface. Along with abstract methods, an interface may also contain constants, default methods, static methods, and nested types.

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