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What are Delta hubs in Europe?

Including its worldwide alliance partners, Delta offers customers more than 15,000 daily flights, with hubs in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York-JFK, New York-LaGuardia, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Salt Lake City and Tokyo-Narita.

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Besides, where are Delta international hubs?

Salt Lake City, Boston, Seattle-Tacoma, and both LaGuardia as well as John F. Kennedy airports, in New York City. Delta also has international hubs in Paris, London, Amsterdam, and Tokyo.

Furthermore, where does Delta fly direct in Europe? Destinations

Country (State/Province) City Airport
France (Île-de-France) Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
Germany Berlin Berlin Tegel Airport*
Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia) Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Airport
Germany (Hesse) Frankfurt Frankfurt Airport

Subsequently, question is, what cities are Delta hubs?

Delta's hubs include:

  • Atlanta.
  • Detroit.
  • Los Angeles.
  • Minneapolis.
  • New York (JFK and LaGuardia)
  • Salt Lake City.
  • Seattle.

Does Delta fly in Europe?

Explore Europe With its unsurpassed global network, Delta, its Delta Connection® carriers, and Partner Airlines offer service to more than 1,000 destinations in over 60 countries on six continents. Find more in our 2020 Europe, Middle East, Africa and India Travel Guide.

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