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What are cordon fruit trees?

Cordon fruit trees are simply trees grown as a single stem, with all the fruit swelling on short laterals immediately off this central stem. Cordons are normally grown at a 45-degree angle for the simple reason that this increases the length of the stem, and hence fruits, at picking height.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how do you train cordon fruit trees?

Fix bamboo canes diagonally to the wires for the trees to be trained on. Plant trees at an angle of 45 degrees. If planting more than one cordon, space at 60-90cm (2-3ft) apart.

Similarly, what is the difference between espalier and cordon? An espalier is really a glorified cordon in that, from a vertical central stem, pairs of horizontal branches are trained out at regular intervals, usually 9-12in (23-30cm). These branches are not allowed to form any side-shoots but, like the cordon, the fruit is borne on short fruiting spurs.

Thereof, what are the best fruit trees to espalier?

Apple and pear are the usual choices. Peaches and pomegranates also espalier well. You can try your hand at espaliering any variety of fruit tree, as long as the fruit tree suits your climate, but dwarf or semi-dwarf trees are best for small spaces.

Are fruit trees worth it?

Backyard fruit trees are easily worth the effort if you plant varieties and rootstocks adapted to your area and keep the trees small so care and harvest is easy. Anyone who likes gardening is capable of being a good fruit grower. For more reasons to begin growing your own fruit, see Introduction to Home Fruit Growing.

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