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What are collaborative activities?

Collaborative activities are any activities where learners are working co-operatively in pairs or groups. For example: Pair or group discussions. Completing shared tasks in a pair or group, e.g. matching, sorting, ranking. Activities or games with a competitive element, e.g. bingo.

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In this regard, what is a collaborative learning activity?

Collaborative learning is the educational approach of using groups to enhance learning through working together. Groups of two or more learners work together to solve problems, complete tasks, or learn new concepts.

Likewise, what is a collaborative task? An assignment in which one or more students must work together to contribute to and complete a common product; a single grade is assessed for the entire group. Learn more in: Facilitating Active Learning and Collaboration in Online Mathematics Content Courses for Secondary Teachers.

Considering this, what are the examples of collaborative learning?

Collaborative learning activities can include collaborative writing, group projects, joint problem solving, debates, study teams, and other activities.

What is collaborative thinking?

Thinking Collaborative provides individuals and organizations strategies, skills and concepts to establish and sustain structures for thinking and collaborating that result in increased performance and resourcefulness.

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