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What are air voids in asphalt?

Air voids are the percentage of void spaces within the aggregate–binder matrix that are not filled with binder—sufficient voids should be provided to allow for a slight amount of additional compaction under traffic and a slight amount of asphalt expansion due to temperature increases, without flushing, bleeding, or

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Also asked, what are air voids?

Air voids are small airspaces or pockets of air that occur between the coated aggregate particles in the final compacted mix.

Subsequently, question is, what is effective asphalt content? Total asphalt content is the amount of asphalt that must be added to the mixture to produce the desired mix qualities. Effective asphalt content is the volume of asphalt not absorbed by the aggregate; the amount of asphalt that effectively forms a bonding film on the aggregate surfaces.

Subsequently, question is, how do you calculate air voids in asphalt?

This volume is typically quantified as a percentage of air voids by volume and expressed as “percent air voids”. Percent air voids is calculated by comparing a test specimen's bulk specific gravity (Gmb) with its theoretical maximum specific gravity (Gmm) and assuming the difference is due to air.

What does VMA stand for in asphalt?

Voids in Mineral Aggregate

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