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What Airlines miles expire?

American Airlines' AAdvantage miles expire after 18 months if members don't earn or use miles on the airline or one of its partners. Southwest and Alaska Airlines miles expire after two years of inactivity.

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Then, which airlines have miles that don't expire?

Delta miles do not expire

  • Air Canada: 12 months without activity.
  • Alaska Airlines: 24 months without activity.
  • American Airlines: 18 months without activity.
  • British Airways: 36 months without activity.
  • Cathay Pacific Asia Miles: 36 months after earning.
  • Delta Miles: Never expire.
  • Hawaiian Airlines: 18 months without activity.

Similarly, how long does it take for miles to expire? Miles earned with airline credit cards Miles expire if account is inactive for more than 36 months. Miles do not expire. Points don't expire as long as you have flight-earning or partner-earning activity at least once every 24 months.

Also know, do flight miles expire?

Some airlines expire miles a certain time after they are earned, while others consider any “activity” to be valid for keeping miles active (e.g., earning, redeeming and donating). In these cases, as long as your account has some mileage activity and is not inactive, your miles will not expire.

How do I keep United frequent flyer miles from expiring?

How to Keep Your United MileagePlus Miles From Expiring

  1. Take a Survey. It's hard to believe, but you can earn United MileagePlus miles by taking surveys from MyPoints, e-Miles and OpinionMilesClub.
  2. Swipe Your Credit Card.
  3. Do Some Shopping.
  4. Dine Out.
  5. Take a Flight.
  6. Drive.
  7. Stay.
  8. Book a Vacation or Cruise Package.

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