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What airlines fly out of Cleveland Hopkins?

Air Canada 888.247.2262
Delta 800.221.1212
Frontier 801.401.9000
JetBlue 800.538.2583
Southwest 800.435.9792

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Keeping this in view, who flies direct to Cleveland?

Non stop flights from Cleveland – CLE direct flights

  • Atlanta, Georgia – ATL – Southwest, Delta, Spirit Air Lines.
  • Baltimore, Maryland – BWI – Southwest.
  • Boston, Massachusetts – BOS – Delta, JetBlue, Republic Airline, ExpressJet Airlines LLC.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina – CLT – Envoy Air, American.
  • Chicago, Illinois – MDW – Delta, Southwest.

Similarly, does Delta fly out of Cleveland? Delta up to 8 non-stop routes from Cleveland with Salt Lake City service. Delta Air Lines will connect Cleveland to its Salt Lake City hub with non-stop flights beginning this summer. Delta will fly the route with Airbus A319 aircraft that seat 12 in first class and 120 in coach.

Keeping this in consideration, what airline has a hub in Cleveland?

United Airlines

Does JetBlue fly out of Cleveland?

JetBlue | Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

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