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What age should you start classical conversations?

The Foundations Program has been created for students between the ages of 4 to 12. Students who are present on site with their family, and are age 4 by June 1st or older, must be enrolled in a Foundations Program. At this age they would no longer attend the nursery if a community has one.

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Furthermore, what is classical conversations like?

Classical Conversations is a nation-wide program that helps train and equip parents to provide their children with a Christian classical education. Individual communities hire parents to be trained as tutors through Classical Conversations practicums, who then lead small classes of children in weekly meetings.

Also Know, why do I love classical conversations? Three big reasons we joined Classical Conversations: Accountability and camaraderie for myself and my oldest (7th grade) Quality material with an emphasis on memorization. "To Know God and Make Him Known" - the motto of Classical Conversations.

Also asked, is Classical Conversations a full curriculum?

The Foundations program provides all the science, geography, Latin, history, and English grammar necessary for this age group. Parents choose their own phonics and reading curriculum and their own math curriculum to use at home, as these subjects are best taught one-on-one.

What is the cost of classical conversations?

Tuition = $335 each student for each program (last year, two of our kids were in both Foundations and Essentials = $670 each). These fees go to pay the tutor and director.

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