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What age group is most affected by bulimia?

Bulimia affects more girls and younger women than older women. On average, women develop bulimia at 18 or 19. Teen girls between 15 and 19 and young women in their early 20s are most at risk. But eating disorders are happening more often in older women.

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Correspondingly, what is the average age for developing bulimia?

The average age of onset of Bulimia Nervosa is 18 or 19 years.

Also, does bulimia shorten your life? Bulimia doubles the risk of premature death. Patients diagnosed with anorexia in their 20s have 18 times the risk of death compared to healthy individuals of the same age.

Also Know, what percent of people have bulimia?

Bulimia statistics tell us that the lifetime prevalence of bulimia nervosa in the United States is 1.5% in women and 0.5% in men. This translates to approximate 4.7 million females and 1.5 million males who will have their lives threatened by this potentially deadly disorder.

What percentage of bulimics die?

Their findings for crude mortality rates were: 4% for anorexia, 3.9% for bulimia, and 5.2% for EDNOS (Crow, 2009). The most common causes of sudden death in bulimia are cardiac or respiratory arrest, the result of electrolyte imbalances from excessive purging.

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