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What age can a child use the Flacc scale for pain?

The FLACC scale or Face, Legs, Activity, Cry, Consolability scale is a measurement used to assess pain for children between the ages of 2 months and 7 years or individuals that are unable to communicate their pain.

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Just so, what age do you use the faces pain scale?

The FACES Scale is widely used with people ages three and older, not limited to children. This self-assessment tool must be understood by the patient, so they are able to choose the face that best illustrates the physical pain they are experiencing.

Secondly, what pain scale is used for a 3 year old? ~3-7 years old: Faces Pain Scale – Revised (FPS-R) In the child who is developmentally able, self-report is the gold standard. Fortunately, instruments exist for children ~3-7 years old to aid in their self-report.

Consequently, how do you use the Flacc pain scale?

The following table provides the criteria for the FLACC Behavioural pain scale.

Patients who are awake:

  1. Observe for at least 2-5 minutes.
  2. Observe legs and body uncovered.
  3. Reposition patient or observe activity; assess body for tenseness and tone.
  4. Initiate consoling interventions if needed.

What does a pain rating of 6 on the Flacc scale mean?

FLACC Scale FLACC stands for face, legs, activity, crying, and consolability. The FLACC pain scale was developed to help medical observers assess the level of pain in children who are too young to cooperate verbally. 4 to 6 = Moderate pain. 7 to 10 = Severe discomfort/pain.

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