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Was Desdemona faithful?

Desdemona was the faithful wife of Othello in Shakespeare's play. She was kindhearted and wished for all to be well with the male characters, and it is her sympathy towards Cassio which made Iago's lies more credible. It is her naïve nature that made her an easy target for the antagonist in the play.

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People also ask, is Desdemona submissive?

Desdemona is at times a submissive character, most notably in her willingness to take credit for her own murder. The play, then, depicts Desdemona contradictorily as a self-effacing, faithful wife and as a bold, independent personality.

Likewise, what kind of woman is Desdemona? Desdemona is a beautiful, young, white, Venetian debutante. And she's a total Daddy's girl until she falls head over heels in love with Othello. She refuses to marry any of the rich, handsome Venetian men that everyone expects her to marry.

is Desdemona innocent?

Desdemona is innocent because she never did the things that she is accused of doing. Specifically, she never cheated on Othello. Specifically, she eloped with Othello against her father's wishes. However, she was never unfaithful to Othello and therefore, she is innocent.

Did Othello cheat on Desdemona?

Emilia having heard from Othello that Iago told him of Desdemona "cheating" on him with Cassio, accuses him of gross dishonesty leading to an unjust murder. When she hears about the handkerchief, she reveals her role and Iago threatens and then kills her at the first opportunity.

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