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Should you run an air exchanger in the summer?

The answer depends on your home's air conditioning system, your ERV wall control, the outdoor temperature and, most importantly, the outdoor relative humidity. As a rule of thumb, if you are more comfortable outside than inside your house, you should run your air exchanger in the summer.

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Also know, do you use an air exchanger in the summer?

How to Use Air to Air Exchanger in Summer. Air exchangers are used for filtering and bringing fresh air into an area. Many times, air exchangers are used during the winter because they are designed to not only maintain the room's temperature, but also bring in fresh air from outside.

Secondly, when should I use an air exchanger in my house? When these homes are too tightly built it creates moisture and condensation during the winter which is why they came out with air exchangers. The purpose of these air exchangers are to provide fresh air into the air system along with dehumidifying the existing air to ensure your home isn't creating mold growth.

should you leave your air exchanger on all the time?

Your air exchanger is most effective when run continuously. It'll take time for your exchanger to throw this polluted air out, even after you turn it back on. Keep your exchanger operating at low settings constantly, and you won't have to worry about stale air buildup.

Should you run an HRV continuously?

To ensure that you home is well-ventilated and maintains good air quality, your HRV and ERV should run continuously. Many HRV fans can operate at low, medium, or high speeds depending on the ventilation requirements.

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