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Should you rake up old mulch?

Cultivating helps loosen the mulch and allows rain to get into the soil. If fungal disease is present, then it is better to keep the existing mulch untouched. Just cover it with a new layer of mulch. Depending on how much is needed for a new mulch, old mulch must never be removed.

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Hereof, do you have to remove old mulch before applying new mulch?

For an annual bed, remove old mulch before you till the soil and add compost. If you're applying mulch to a perennial bed, you might be tempted to just add a new layer of mulch on top, but this can cause rot, nutrient starvation, and plant death. Remove as much of the old layers as possible before you add more.

Secondly, when should I re mulch? Don't use too little or too much mulch. About 3 inches of mulch is recommended for beds, and Becker recommends mulching twice a year. Mulching with the right amount each time will help fend off weeds and conserve moisture, which will reduce your need to irrigate.

Thereof, should you get rid of old mulch?

Expert green thumbs contend that getting rid of last year's mulch is completely unnecessary. Mulch gradually breaks down, adding beneficial nutrients and other organic matter to the soil. However, if you're down to an inch, top off the old layer with an additional inch of new mulch to keep it at its optimum level.

Where can I throw away old mulch?

If for some reason you need to completely remove the old mulch, I would put it in a yard waste bag (like the brown paper bags Ace hardware sells) and put it out on the curb so it can be collected and composted with the yard waste the city collects.

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