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Should there be continuity between neutral and ground?

There is no continuity between the Hot and the Neutral (which is good); however there is continuity between the ground and the Neutral.

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Hereof, is continuity between ground and neutral normal?

Normally a dead receptacle, with no hotness showing, retains continuity between neutral and ground (assuming the ground is good), since both are connected to the neutral bar in the panel. But one that is downstream from a tripped GFI receptacle should show no continuity.

Beside above, can neutral and ground be connected together? No, the neutral and ground should never be wired together. This is wrong, and potentially dangerous. When you plug in something in the outlet, the neutral will be live, as it closes the circuit. If the ground is wired to the neutral, the ground of the applicance will also be live.

People also ask, should there be continuity between positive and ground?

Continuity between positive and ground is quite normal in cars with modern electronics. A measure of current flow with the battery installed is required to assess dark current.

Why do I have voltage between neutral and ground?

Some neutral-to-ground voltage should be present under load conditions, typically 2V or less. If the voltage is zero with a load on the circuit, then check for a neutral-to-ground connection in the receptacle, whether accidental or intentional. Reversed neutral and ground wires.

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