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Should I use Oracle JDK or OpenJDK?

Oracle JDK has licensing implications if it is used whereas OpenJDK has no such kind of issues and can be used in any way which satisfies the completely open source and free usage. Oracle JDK does not create any issues while running JDK whereas OpenJDK produces some issues while running JDK for some of the users.

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Moreover, is OpenJDK same as Oracle JDK?

OpenJDK is an open source implementation of the Java Standard Edition platform with contribution from Oracle and the open Java community. So there is no major technical difference between Oracle JDK and OpenJDK. Apart from the base code, Oracle JDK includes, Oracle's implementation of Java Plugin and Java WebStart.

Likewise, can I use Oracle JDK for development? Oracle's JDK (commercial) — you can use this in development and testing for free, but if you use it in production, you have to pay for it. Oracle's OpenJDK (open source) — you can use this for free in any environment, like any open source library.

Beside this, is OpenJDK compatible with Oracle JDK?

Oracle JDK was licensed under Oracle Binary Code License Agreement, whereas OpenJDK has the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) version 2 with a linking exception. There are some licensing implications when using Oracle's platform. However, OpenJDK is completely open source and can be used it freely.

Can I use OpenJDK for commercial use?

Use an OpenJDK build. The OpenJDK build from Oracle is $free, GPL licensed (with Classpath exception so safe for commercial use), and provided alongside their commercial offering. It will only have 6 months of security patches, after that Oracle intends you to upgrade to Java 12.

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