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Should I use my fireplace in extreme cold?

The fire then will draw the air it needs for proper combustion and draft from outside, rather than conditioned air from inside. However, the best tip is to avoid us-ing the fireplace in extremely cold weather. It's not safe to leave a smoldering fire unattended.

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Similarly, you may ask, do fireplaces make your house colder?

the temperature in the room with the fireplace will increase. there is a possibility for a convection current, but that would tend to increase the warm air in other rooms. the only way the rest of the house gets colder or changes temperature is if the heat turns off.

Beside above, how cold should it be to use fireplace? You need the cold outside temp and warm inside flue temp for proper draft. Boston's Best suggests waiting until a cold day to enjoy your fireplace (32°F or below). Here at Boston Best Chimney we get plenty of calls about smoky fireplaces and poor draft.

Considering this, is it ever too cold to have a fire in the fireplace?

When the weather is freezing cold outside, it is the perfect time to enjoy a warm and cozy fire. However, sometimes the cold can make it difficult to start that fire. Most chimneys have an outside wall, so they are affected by cold weather. Cold air can push the smoke back into your home.

Why does cold air come down my chimney?

Often, when cold air is being drawn down the chimney, the cause is an improperly sized chimney. Chimneys that are too short or too large for the fireplace appliance can allow cold air into your home through the chimney.

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