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Should I replace rg59 with rg6?

RG59 will usually work. While there is greater signal loss than RG6 remember that the signal is usually starting out at +20dB or more at the ONT and unless it's a long run or a huge splitter (6 or 8 way)you'll usually be fine with 59.

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Then, can I use rg6 instead of rg59?

Yes, RG6 is better than RG59, because RG59 has higher loss. The difference becomes more important at higher frequencies, and that is why satellite systems need RG6. However, there is no meaningful difference between analog and digital.

Likewise, can rg59 be used for HDTV? RG59 is meant to use for short runs, while RG6 is used to long runs. Your answer is yes it will support HD, but fr long runs there would be too much signal loss. RG59 is more lossy than RG6. RG59 is meant to use for short runs, while RG6 is used to long runs.

Also asked, is rg6 better than rg59?

In most cases an RG6 cable has better shielding than an RG59 cable, and is thicker because of it. However, many RG59 cables are just RG6 cables that didn't quite meet those specs and are just repackaged.

What is the best coaxial cable for HDTV?


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