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Should I paint my fireplace the same color as the walls?

Painting it the same color as the wall that surrounds it helps it disappear into the room and allows other features to take center stage. In a room with blue-gray walls, paint the fireplace a sky blue shade. If the space has mint green walls, try a sage color for the fireplace.

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Also know, should I paint my fireplace?

Many people choose white simply because it's a neutral color. But a warmer color could complement your decor better than a stark white. Consider tan, cream, or a color to match the walls around your fireplace. If you prefer the look of real brick, the Brick-Anew fireplace paint kit can do the job nicely.

Additionally, can I paint my fireplace surround? Painting walls in and around a fireplace, wooden surrounds and mantles. A flame retardant paint is only effective if the surface beneath is properly prepared. To achieve best results, ensure the surfaces to be painted are sound, clean, dry and dust-free. Remember to work in a well-ventilated area.

Secondly, what color should I paint my brick fireplace?

From Brick to Bold A quick way to bring an old brick fireplace into the current decade is to paint it a bold color. For something unexpected, use a high-gloss or metallic shade. If you have adventurous taste and are drawn to primary colors, go with bright yellow, electric blue or cherry red for impact.

What color should a mantle be?

Many new mantels come unfinished so you can select the colour of paint or stain you want. Others may come in a bright white, or get finished in a generic bright white as they are installed. And while white certainly blends in with a lot of different colour schemes, it isn't always the best choice for your mantle.

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