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Should curtains have tie backs?

One traditional way to accessorize curtains or formal drapes is to add tiebacks. Tiebacks are decorative fabric strips or cords used to secure open curtains into elegant draped lines. Measure 12 inches up from the bottom of the window or the curtains if the curtains are 55 inches long.

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Keeping this in consideration, where should tie backs go on curtains?

Generally, curtain tiebacks look best when placed one-third of the way from the top or bottom of the curtain. Tiebacks are both functional and decorative elements of a window treatment. These fabric bands or metal hooks hold the drapes or curtains back from the window.

Also Know, are tie backs old fashioned? You can have curtain tie backs in different colors and styles. Although it was thought of as a traditional and old fashioned curtain tool, this trend already breaks with the modern style of curtain tie backs. That is why today curtain tie backs are also seen as a modern way of decorating curtains.

Also to know is, do curtains need tiebacks?

Though they do the job of pulling back curtains and effectively dressing a window, the formality of old school tiebacks makes them a little bit frumpy for the modern space. Just because you have an aversion to traditional tiebacks, doesn't mean you have to leave your curtains to hang freely!

What can I use for curtain tie backs?

Add some shine to your curtain tiebacks with some silver fabric covered beads. You can buy styrofoam craft balls in graduated sizes, drill a hole all the way through, cover them with silver fabric and string them on to silver craft rope.

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