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Should back to back be hyphenated?

Our advice is to use hyphens only when the phrase is used adjectivally before a noun (“back-to-back doubles”). Otherwise, drop the hyphens.

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Thereof, how do you say back to back?

Synonyms & Antonyms for back-to-back

  1. consecutive,
  2. sequent,
  3. sequential,
  4. straight,
  5. succeeding,
  6. successional,
  7. successive.

Furthermore, is it back to back or back to back? adjective Also back-to-back. adjacent or contiguous but oppositely oriented; having the backs close together or adjoining: The seats in the day coach are back to back.

Besides, should back up be hyphenated?

Usage notes Back-up is an alternative spelling of backup. Both spellings are used as either a noun or an adjective. The verb back up is always spelled as two words and never with a hyphen.

What does the phrase back to back mean?

phrase. If two or more things are done back to back, one follows immediately after the other without any interruption.

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