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Is Yandy still with Mendeecees?

Mendeecees and Yandy have been married since 2015 and they share two biological children together — Skylar Smith and Omere. He also had two kids of his own, Mendeecees Jr. 2020 is off to a good start for the Harris family!

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Herein, is Yandy still with Mendeecees 2019?

According to Bossip, the former Love & Hip Hop: New York star "is set to be released from federal prison next year after being sentenced to at least eight years for drug trafficking." Mendeecees, who starred on LHHNY alongside his wife Yandy Smith, will reportedly be released November 2020.

Secondly, what happened to yandy and Mendeecees? Mendeecees Harris, husband of fellow LHHNY star, Yandy Smith, is set to be released from federal prison in November 2020, reports Bossip. He was sentenced in 2015 to at least eight years for drug trafficking, but was given 15 months time served, which was the amount of time he was incarcerated before bail was set.

Herein, how long is Mendeecees in jail for?

As we previously reported, Mendeecees was sentenced to eight years in prison after he plead guilty to drug trafficking back in 2015.

When did yandy and Mendeecees get married?

May 25, 2015 (Mendeecees Harris)

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