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Is Unikonta monophyletic?

They all have golgi and undergo closed nuclear division with internal spindles. Some are motile, or can produce motile gametes or swarmer cells. Even though these characters are not exclusive to the Amoebozoae, they do emerge as a monophyletic group in supertree analyses (Baldauf, 2003, Keeling, 2004, Nikolaev et al.

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Also, is Unikonta Paraphyletic?

If that is where they really belong, then the Unikonta collapses, and the Opisthokonts and Amoebozoans would have to be considered separate supergroups. Cavalier-Smith and Chao (2003; see Figure 1) present a scenario in which the unikonts, those organisms with single flagella, are paraphyletic.

are plants Unikonta? Along with different groups of protists, animals and fungi are placed into the supergroup unikonta and plants are found in archaeplastida. The remaining three groups consist entirely of protists and the vast majority are microorganisms.

One may also ask, what does Unikonta mean?

Unikonta (yu-nah-KON-tah) is derived from the Latin root for one (unus) and the Greek kinein or kino (κινώ), which means to move, it is the same root from which kinetic is derived. The reference is to motile cells having a single flagellum.

Is Excavata monophyletic?

Monophyly. Excavate relationships are still uncertain; it is possible that they are not a monophyletic group. Certain excavates are often considered among the most primitive eukaryotes, based partly on their placement in many evolutionary trees.

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