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Is Trimyristin responsible for the odor of nutmeg?

One of the non-volatiles is trimyristin, a triglyceride which is partly responsible for the smell, the taste and texture of nutmeg.

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Similarly, it is asked, what percent of nutmeg is Trimyristin?

It is an uncommonly simple natural product extraction because nutmeg oil generally consists of over eighty percent trimyristin. Trimyristin makes up between 20-25% of the overall mass of dried, ground nutmeg.

Similarly, what technique is used to ensure as much as possible Trimyristin is extracted from the nutmeg? Extraction, distillation, recrystallization, and chromatography are used the techniques that are used to isolate and purify chemical compounds from natural sources. The extraction of nutmeg seed to isolate trimyristin was performed in this lab.

Also, how do you extract Trimyristin from nutmeg?

Extraction of Trimyristin: Add 2 g of nutmeg to a 25-mL or 50-mL round- bottomed flask, followed by 10 mL of dichloromethane. Add a boiling chip and fit the round-bottom flask with a reflux condenser. Gently heat the mixture for 30 minutes.

Would water be a good solvent for extracting Trimyristin from nutmeg?

Water would not be suitable or extracting trimyrisitn from nutmeg because it is insoluble in water. Trimyristin in insoluble in water because it has a long chain of C-H groups which takes this compound nonpolar. Instead we will be using dichloromethane because trimyristin is soluble in that liquid.

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