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Is Tiger playing the genesis open?

Tiger Woods will open the 2020 season at Torrey Pines and also participate as a headliner in his own tournament, the Genesis Invitational. Now in an invitational format, the Genesis Invitational is played from Feb. 13-16 in Los Angeles. Woods returns to The Riviera Country Club where he made his PGA Tour debut in 1992.

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Herein, is Tiger Woods playing in the genesis open today?

Tiger Woods Commits to Play in 2020 Genesis Open at Riviera Country Club. Tiger Woods will return for the Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club in February. Given its connection to the 15-time major champion, the Genesis Invitational has been a staple of Woods' calendar in recent years.

where did Tiger Woods finish in the genesis open? Woods finished 68th (out of the 68 that made the cut) at the 2020 Genesis Invitational on Sunday, an event he spent the week hosting. After a promising 69 in Round 1, Big Cat closed 73-76-77 to shoot 11-over 295.

Thereof, who is favored to win the genesis open?

Rory McIlroy is the bookmakers' favorite to win the Genesis Invitational at the Riviera Country Club in California this week. The Northern Irishman, who returned to the top of the world rankings earlier this week, leads a star-studded field, featuring nine of the world's 10 top golfers.

Did Tiger Woods make the cut at the genesis open?

Tiger Woods stumbles to a 73 but makes the cut at Genesis Invitational. Tiger Woods reacts after bogeying the sixth hole at Riviera Country Club during the second round of the Genesis Invitational on Friday.

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