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Is there such thing as a mouse deer?

Chevrotains, also known as mouse-deer, are small ungulates that make up the family Tragulidae, the only extant members of the infraorder Tragulina. The 10 extant species are placed in three genera, but several species also are known only from fossils. Chevrotains are the smallest hoofed mammals in the world.

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Also, is a mouse deer real?

Chevrotains are not mice, nor are they deer. Mouse deer share a suborder with deer (Ruminantia) but are not considered “true deer.” They have their own family, Tragulidae.

Furthermore, what does a mouse deer look like? The silver-backed chevrotain, also known as the Vietnamese mouse-deer, is about the size of a large rabbit, with a silver sheen on its rump. The creatures have tusk-like incisors, visible in the new photographs of the animals.

Simply so, how big is a mouse deer?

Java mouse-deer: 1.6 kg Sri Lankan spotted chevrotain: 2.4 kg Greater mouse-deer: 5.3 kg

Can mouse deer be pets?

A Mouse Deer has given birth to an itty-bitty baby at the Zurich Zoo. Less than 22 inches (55 centimeters) long as adults, Mouse Deer are one of the smallest hoofed animal species. Mouse Deer are eaten by people and sometimes kept as pets in their native Southeast Asian range.

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