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Is there an MLS app?

MLS-Touch puts your MLS in the palm of your hand! It's the most advanced mobile app for Agents, with loads of features to keep you connected to listings and engaged with your leads and clients from wherever you are. - Quickly search properties by address, map location, and other criteria.

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Likewise, how can I get access to the MLS?

  1. Become an Agent. The first and best way to access the MLS is to become an agent.
  2. Partner With an Agent.
  3. Build a Relationship With the MLS.
  4. Sign Up as an Unlicensed Assistant.
  5. Use a Syndication Service.
  6. Use a Public MLS Site.
  7. Use an IDX Site.
  8. Use Another Real Estate Site.

Likewise, which real estate app is the most accurate? The 8 Best Real Estate Apps of 2020

  • Zillow: Best Overall.
  • RedFin: Best For Discounted Home Buying Fees.
  • Bigger Pockets: Best for Learning About Real Estate.
  • LoopNet: Best for Commercial Real Estate.
  • Best for Most Houses.
  • Trulia: Best for An Active Home Search.
  • HomeSnap: Best for a Team Real Estate Search.
  • Xome: Best for Auctions.

Considering this, can I access the MLS on my iPhone?

MLS-Touch is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. There are two versions of the app: the agent/broker version called MLS-Touch and the consumer version called MLSListings Mobile.

How do I find an old MLS listing?

Perform an Online Search These websites range from brokerages to real estate databases, such as Redfin,, Estately and Such databases pull and store listing information directly from the MLS in the area where the home is located.

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