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Is there a polygraph for CBSA?

There is no polygraph test in the CBSA application.

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Likewise, people ask, how long is the hiring process for CBSA?

Becoming a border services officer can take up to three years, from start to finish. Once your application is pulled from our inventory, the selection process can take up to one year.

Also, how much do CBSA officers make? Canada Border Services Agency Salaries

Job Title Salary
Border Services Officer salaries - 17 salaries reported CA$71,946/yr
Senior Program Officer salaries - 5 salaries reported CA$85,377/yr
Student Border Services Officer salaries - 4 salaries reported CA$19/hr

Correspondingly, do you need to know French to be a CBSA officer?

The french language is not e requirement, although bilingualism would improve your opportunities to be considered for a position at CBSA since many positions require French speaking individuals. As per the education requirements, it is clearly stated that a Canadian High School Diploma is required.

What should I wear to my CBSA interview?

You should dress for the job that you want, but a touch more dressy. A good standard for a management job interview is a nice traditional dark suit, with a clean, pressed dress shirt and co-ordinating tie. Remember to wear comfortable dress shoes with dark dress socks.

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