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Is the Sun Angel sunbed safe?

Sun Angel - 20 Minute Sun Bed
The Sun Angel gives you a deeper, darker longer lasting tan than ordinary sun beds. It's a safe way to tan, so you can tan with confidence at Shwe Tan.

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Also know, what is a Sun Angel sunbed?

Tan With Confidence Ergoline, the world-wide market leader in professional tanning units, has developed a sunbed that delivers an excellent tan while virtually eliminating the risk of overexposure. The SUN ANGEL is a truly innovative tanning bed with a variable UV spectrum and skin sensor-controlled tanning.

Subsequently, question is, are tanning beds worse than Sun? Tanning beds don't offer a safe alternative to natural sunlight. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation damages your skin, whether the radiation comes from tanning beds or natural sunlight. Exposure increases the risk of skin cancer, premature skin aging and eye damage. Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer.

Also to know is, how does the Sun Angel tanning bed work?

The Sun Angel works by scanning the most exposed area of your skin (the forehead) and the least exposed (back of arm or back of upper thigh). The resulting calculation calibrates the behaviour of the lamps to suit your skin type. You must ensure that the areas scanned do not have birth marks, freckling or cosmetics.

What is 10 minutes on a sunbed equivalent to?

On average, 10 minutes of sunbed use has the same effect on the skin as 10 minutes of Mediterranean summer sun. Sunlight promotes the body's production of Vitamin D, and can also be good for conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, rickets or jaundice.

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