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Is the series damages over?

Damages: TV Series Ending; Final Season Starts July 11th. Back in July 2010, DirecTV rescued Damages from being cancelled after FX announced that they wouldn't be airing it any longer. The Glenn Close series was renewed for two seasons of 10 episodes each and at that time we suspected that would be the end of the show.

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Likewise, people ask, how does the series Damages end?

After five seasons of backstabbing and whodunits — not to mention a life-saving leap from FX to DirecTV — Damages adjourned for good Wednesday night with an episode that saw the epic feud between Patty and Ellen at last come to a head. [If you have yet to watch, this is your chance to hit the nearest exit.]

Likewise, how many seasons are in damages? 5

Regarding this, is there a season 6 for damages?

Kessler told AOL TV at the 'Damages' premiere. "In terms of the Patty and Ellen storyline, there is a story to be told." "There could be a Season 6, with Patty and Ellen." As for this season, viewers pick up with Patty and Ellen three years after Season 3.

What network was damages on?


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