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Is the ps4 message glitch fixed?

Sony Have Fixed The PSN Messaging Glitch.Sony have tweeted that they have now fixed the glitchthat allegedly bricked consoles. They also say that it wasn'tbricking them, instead it was getting them stuck in an infinitecrash loop.

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Similarly one may ask, how do I reset a ps4?

How to factory reset your PS4

  1. Sign in to your PS4 and head to the settings menu.
  2. Deactivate your PlayStation.
  3. Sign back in with your user account.
  4. Find the 'Initialization' option in settings.
  5. Choose Full on the Initialize screen.
  6. Turn your PS4 fully off.
  7. Hold down the power button until you hear two beeps.

Also Know, how do you delete a group chat on iMessage? If this is the case, you can remove them from theconversation, as long as there are four or more people in thatthread. If you want to delete someone from a groupiMessage thread, you can go to "Details," press down on theperson's name and swipe from right to left, and then choose the"Delete" option.

Moreover, can you delete PS messages?

Deleting a message. You can deletemessages from a folder and move them to the trash. Onthe screen that lists messages, select (Options) >[Delete], select the checkbox to set a checkmark forthe messages you want to delete, and then select[Delete].

How do you delete messages on the PlayStation app?

Delete a message

  1. Go to [Messages] > [Options] > [Delete].
  2. Place ticks next to any messages you want to delete and tap[Delete].

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