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Is the ordinary sold in stores?

Deciem's The Ordinary Is Officially Available at Ulta, and Everything Is Under $15. Then, come August 5, 400 Ulta stores across the country will start carrying the Deciem-owned line, marking the largest expansion for the brand in the U.S. to date.

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Considering this, is the ordinary sold in Sephora stores?

The Ordinary Is Officially Back In Stock At Sephora Load up your cart while you can — if there's one thing we know about The Ordinary and its cultish fanbase, the most popular products will be sold out before you can even say "Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F."

Also Know, do they sell the ordinary in stores? You Can Now Shop The Ordinary At Ulta Beauty Few brands have reached cult status on the level The Ordinary has in the past couple years. Come August, you'll even be able to shop the brand in-store, and the brand reportedly has plans to expand the assortment.

Regarding this, do they sell the ordinary at Ulta?

You Can Now Shop The Ordinary at Ulta. Fans of affordable, cult-status skincare products rejoice: Deciem's best-selling brand The Ordinary is now available at Ulta. In just three years since its launch, The Ordinary has quickly become a fan-favorite skincare line for its clinical ingredients at accessible price points.

What Ulta stores will carry the ordinary?

According to WWD, you can expect to have access to 26 of The Ordinary's products on come July 1, and in 400 Ulta stores across the U.S. come August 5. If you've never heard of The Ordinary, let me give you a quick overview.

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